Always moving forward with Integrity

Integrity Products creates, manufactures, & distributes world class products, including the patented 

Integrity Plugz™ & Connex Magnetic Connection Systems™


The Integrity Advantage

Safe, Simple, Smart Products

Innovative, Customized R&D


Always moving forward with Integrity

Integrity Products creates, manufactures and distributes world-class products for various industries, including NDT, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, and Power Generation. Core products include our patented inspection access ports Integrity Plugz™, Connex Magnetic Connection Systems™ and G-Units atmospheric testing ports. Our company is driven by the desire to innovate and has a proven commitment to research and development that has given us a reputation of responsiveness and the ability to customize product solutions for our customers.

Integrity Plugz

Inspection Access Ports

Safe, efficient access for NDT testing.

Connex Magnets

Powerful Rare-Earth Magnets

Quick installation and diverse applications


Atmospheric Testing Ports

Test and control your workplace air quality

Integrity Products & Supplies Inc.
Integrity Products & Supplies Inc.
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We are happy to confirm that our Integrity Plugz inspection ports are now available at NDT Supply is a US-based online supplier of NDT equipment and products. You can view our page here:

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